Do we offer pickup services?

Yes we offer door to door pick up services.

Can I drop off my items at your facility?

Yes, you can drop off your device, but at this time drop off service is only available for residential clients only, business must contact us either by phone, email or using our “contact us” form at our website to arrange for a pick up.

What happens to the Data on my Computer and/or devices?

All data on Data storage devices is wiped and Sanitized in compliance with the NIST 800-88 International Standard for data destruction.

Is there a fee for the recycling services?

In order to maintain our high standards of data security and environmental safety we do charge a fee for the recycling services, but we can guarantee you that our fees are the most competitive and reasonable in comparison to any other e-Stewards Certified Electronics Recycler in all of NYC.

What happens to my equipment once it’s picked up?

Once your equipment is picked up by our staff, it is taken to our facility for proper sorting and separating, it is classified to be either truly end of life or repairable and/or reusable equipment, all truly end of life equipment is palletized, logged and securely wrapped for transporting it to its final downstream processing facility, where it will be crushed and smelted to extract the many materials used to manufacture them in the first place and reused in the manufacturing of new items without the need to mine our earth’s limited precious resources to extract the same materials and elements we already have available, this being a key point in preserving the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint.

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