Asset Re-Marketing

NetTech Electronics Recycling will evaluate the value of your reusable IT equipment and seek to recover the most value possible for your equipment.

IT Asset Consignment Solutions For Any Size Company

We can clean your business out of all outdated electronic equipment and create income for you in the process. Equipment that may be unusable by your company may have significant value in another business or in another country. If your equipment is not in the condition to be resold, we can take your equipment apart to recover any parts that have value and can be resold. Finally, because we are a full service recycler, we can completely recycle any remaining equipment in order to recover the value of its commodities.

Computer Equipment Removal and Resale

If your computer and electronic products are resalable, we will dismantle, remove, and prepare them for sale. Once an item is sold, Net Tech Recycling will pay you 50% of the net revenue. If your items are not sold, Net Tech Recycling will absorb all costs and scrap the material at no cost to you.


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